The PLS is a private platform exclusively for agents to collate, share and search “Off market” opportunities within the agent community.

Pocket listings have long been a staple of the Real Estate industry. Yet searching for and offering such listings has historically been a complicated and unnecessarily labor intensive task, until now. The PLS allows listing and buyers agents to list and search for pocket listings in their area without compromising buyer or seller privacy.

The PLS - " It's like The MLS for Pockets!" James Harris - Million Dollar Listing

With The PLS agents can upload as much or as little info about their pockets as they wish. Plus, the PLS includes a news feed and chat facility so agents can share "Wants and Needs" as well as search the Pocket market.


Rather than replace, The PLS is intended to compliment The MLS. As the listing agent, The PLS allows Sellers who require or request privacy to list confidentiality or in a “Coming Soon” capacity without compromising agent audience. Selling agents can also test price points without accruing precious “Days on the market.” Then list to the MLS using real and compelling data.
Uploading listings is simple and straightforward. As the listing agent you can disclose as little or as much information as appropriate. Give agents enough information to connect without compromising your seller’s privacy.

Perhaps most important, access for buyers agents is imperative. In a world where technology continues to render the workforce obsolete, and discount brokerages threaten, the PLS preserves agent value and significance.

Most property platforms are in the public domain, thus diluting an agent’s ability to provide inventory to which a client does not already have access. The PLS brings the power of knowledge and exclusive information back to the agent.

If you cannot offer this service, your client will use someone who will.

Insure your continued significance and join today....It's free!