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Agents on The PLS are taking control of their industry with a new model that keeps the focus on you, the agent, and puts you back in charge of your information. Isn't it about time?

Find out how The PLS works:

PLS ‘Exclusive’ Listings!

“Where Real Estate Happens First - Where Buyers look first!” New rules now allow PLS members to post ALL their properties to the public, one business day before uploading to the MLS and the rest of the internet. So Buyers are searching The PLS first to see Exclusive properties they can't find anywhere else. And because we don't let other agents advertise against your listings, you get unrestricted access to all those buyer leads!

12 beds 14 baths 40,000 sqft
1400 Linda Flora Drive, Bel Air, CA 90077
6 beds 8 baths 6,748 sqft
524 N. Tigertail Road, Los Angeles, CA 90049
6 beds 9 baths 12,027 sqft
1475 Bel Air Road, Los Angeles, CA 90077

PLS Exclusive listings get premium placement and Buyers are setting up alerts so they are notified the second a property hits the PLS. Get exclusive access to those buyers for 24 hours or as much as 72 hours if you post on a Friday!

TIP: Post at 9am on Friday and then post to The MLS before midnight on Monday.

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Leveraging Demand: PLS Buyer Wants

For the first time, PLS members can attract potential sellers by publicly posting their buyer wants. Sellers simply enter their address and description and our AI-powered algorithm finds them the best matches. Those sellers can then contact those buyer’s agents directly!

A PLS Want looks like this:

The Power of Your PLS Profile

Agent profiles are now visible to the public and can be searched online. It’s a perfect way to showcase your Active inventory and SOLD listings, and control exactly what your clients see.




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Start leveraging your PLS profile:

  • Showcase, curate and control your live inventory
  • Highlight your SOLD listings
  • Showcase, curate and control your active ‘wants’
  • Easily collect reviews with your custom link
  • Get found on The PLS and on the web
  • Share your PLS Profile link with clients

A Platform That Works for Agents

Christopher Dyson (Founder, The PLS) explains the vision for The PLS and why he and founding members James Harris (MDL), David Parnes (MDL), and Mauricio Umansky (CEO & Founder, The Agency) teamed up to create The PLS.

Meet our Founding Members

When James, David, and Mauricio get involved in something—you know there’s a good reason. All three are top producing agents and successful entrepreneurs, always looking for ways to improve upon the status quo. Bringing you The PLS may their biggest move yet.

David Parnes Million Dollar Listings
James Harris Million Dollar Listings
Mauricio Umansky CEO & Founder, The Agency

The PLS began servicing agents back in 2017 with our agents only platform and now we're completely reimagining how the public can buy and sell properties. James, David, and Mauricio are thrilled for you to try The PLS and welcome your feedback.

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